Professional Debt Collection

The full range of debt collection services to achieve payment of outstanding invoices.

As you would have read, Express Debt Collection only get paid on performance. I.E. achieving payment on a No win no fee basis for debt collection. Unlike some competitors who will use junior type staff or basic letter systems to cut their costs on telephone collection, we believe in the opposite. There are no up front fees for our debt recovery services.

As a result, our collection team are experienced individuals who have many years commercial background behind them. On top of that, the company debt collection training programme is second to none and respected throughout the whole debt collection industry. When you pass a debt to Express Debt Collection, you can be confident that it is being dealt with by one of the most proficient people in the industry.

The founder of the company is highly respected in the field and treats debt collection as a profession. John Woodworth is an author of a book on debt collection and credit control is a much sought after public speaker. He is fanatical about the quality of service the whole company offers.

Wherever possible, our first contact is by telephone. We believe in professional, polite and persistent dialogue and have proved time and again that this is by far a more successful method of debt collection than other tactics like a letter system or any type of threatening of legal proceedings.

Whatever the age or type of debt, Express Debt Collection will instigate a debt collection procedure that has one aim – Collection of your debt!

No Magic Formulae - No False Claims – No Signing on Fees – No Hidden Costs – Not Factoring – No Threatening Tactics

Just a proven professional method to collect your outstanding debts.

Extremely Ethical and Highly Professional

Express Debt CollectionWe view our trade as a true profession. As a result, our skills are constantly improving. We have proved time and again that our polite but professional and persuasive methods are far more successful than resorting to threatening tactics.