References from clients that have used our debt collection / credit control service.


We have been using the Express Debt Collection to collect outstanding fees since 2004.

In our business, client relationships and reputation are extremely important. We have found that The Express Group’s extremely professional approach has been very successful in collecting overdue accounts without ever affecting the relationship with our clients.

We have found their methods to be as successful with ongoing overdue debts as they are with the historical bad debts.

Confirmation of our trust is the fact that in most cases they will contact clients in our name.

Their personal service is pleasant to work with and….it works!

Neil Haynes BSc(Hons) ACA
Head of Finance

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As a national firm of Property Consultants, we had limited success using solicitors to assist our in house collection of old debts.

We then became aware of The Express Group in 2006 through a recommendation from another property firm and we initially used them to collect historical bad-debt. They performed well and it became clear that the service offered by Express could be extended to collect all debts.
They have made a point of fully understanding our requirements and have made the effort to visit all our various offices and have spoken to all fee earners.
We have now entrusted them with all debts at the 30 day stage with access to our accounting system and they collect in our name. I think this shows the trust we have in their professionalism and level of service.

In short, Express Debt Collection collects our outstanding fees quickly and with no loss of client goodwill.

I am very happy to recommend their services.

Paul Taylor BA (Hons)
Group Accountant


I can now write to say that the cheque sent to me recently in settlement of that large outstanding school fee account, which had been of particular concern to me for about a year, has been cleared by the bank. This satisfactory outcome must be a tribute to Express Debt Collection's patient and persuasive dialogue with the parent over the course of many weeks.

Experience has shown that the legal route generally does not produce a favourable result either in terms of administrative effort, or of relationship with parents, or indeed of actually receiving payment at the end. With your approach, in contrast, I have often received payment and I have never had a complaint from a parent whom you have approached. The Provost and Fellows of Eton and the Head Master are nothing other than appreciative when I have occasion to mention the results achieved.

I should be happy if you wish to show this letter to potential clients and to speak with them if they wish.

A.G Wynn
School Bursar


Dreweatt Neate have been using Express Debt Collection for over 2 years now. Whilst we started to use them with some trepidation (would our clients be upset if they were asked for money?) but the team has allayed our fears and our debt recovery has improved. Persistent does not even begin to describe them and we've even had some fun on the way!

If you want some statistics:
Our bad debt write off has reduced by 80%

Don't get too cocky now!

Christine Knowles BSc ACA
Financial Controller


Express Debt Collection has been most effective in reducing our average debt collection times. They have worked in a thoroughly professional way with our credit control department, our fee earners and, most importantly, our clients, earning the trust and respect of all. At the same time they never let their professional approach get in the way of the goal.. which is a genuine cheque in the post!

Remi Pollard
Finance Director

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Although we were initially sceptical about outsourcing our credit control for fear of upsetting our clients, we appointed Express Debt Collection and have been very pleased with their professionalism. Our debtor days have been reduced significantly with no loss of client goodwill. This has improved our cash flow, released fee-earners time and reduced administration costs.

Matthew R Anwyl MRICS, FAAV, BSc (Hons)
Finance Partner

Extremely Ethical and Highly Professional

Express Debt CollectionWe view our trade as a true profession. As a result, our skills are constantly improving. We have proved time and again that our polite but professional and persuasive methods are far more successful than resorting to threatening tactics.