Legal Services

As a company, we usually resolve issues without the need for using the legal system. In some instances this is unavoidable. If you would prefer to have total control over the enforcement process, we are able to prepare a summons in-house.

Many clients choose this service when the claim is unlikely to be defended. We charge a flat rate fee of £115.00 per case for preparation of the summons.

This would include a pre-legal search. If, after receiving the search you decide not to pursue the case, your fee, less £15.00 search fee will be immediately reimbursed.

There would also be the county court fees to pay (request copy). Once judgment is obtained and dependant upon what further action is available we would prepare the necessary documentation for enforcement of the debt.

Should the case be defended then we would pass all details to our nominated solicitors. At this stage, their varied hourly rates would be discussed. No action is taken without prior agreement with you at this point.

Litigation Service Charge

Debt Amount Court Fee Our Fee Total
up to £300 £30 £115 £145
£301 > £500 £50 £115 £165
£501 > £1000 £80 £115 £195
£1,001 > £5,000 £120 £115 £235
£5,001 > £15,000 £250 £115 £365
£15,001 > £50,000 £400 £115 £515
£50,001 > £100,000 £600 £115 £715
£100,001 > £150,000 £700 £115 £815
over > £150,000 £800 £115 £915

Extremely Ethical and Highly Professional

Express Debt CollectionWe view our trade as a true profession. As a result, our skills are constantly improving. We have proved time and again that our polite but professional and persuasive methods are far more successful than resorting to threatening tactics.